KATARXIS is a new webzine dedicated exclusively to a New Traditional Architecture and Urbanism: one that in its vernacular and classical expressions, incorporates a re-evaluation of the many World Cultures; includes the humanist heritage of the West and the East; and acknowledges the evidence of New Sciences, and the positive logistics of the contemporary world.

KATARXIS supports a broader Culture of Reconstruction and participates to the emergence of a New Architecture and a New Urbanism of the 21st Century, solidly anchored in the most updated knowledge of man and nature, and in the most universal intuitions and feelings of mankind.

KATARXIS offers a platform of information and interaction for everyone interested in the construction of contemporary buildings, cities and landscapes; and for all those who are sympathetic and supportive of concepts of a vital new humanistic culture, as articulated through the regenerating process of tradition, and through a refreshed alliance of Science and Art.

KATARXIS will dedicate its pages to the works of contemporary New Traditional Architects and Urbanists; to works in science, history and theory; to building technologies and materials, and to discussion and exposition of issues of graphics and rendering, related arts and crafts, Internet, and New Technologies --all the things that are relevant to the building of a beautiful, comfortable and durable modern world.

KATARXIS considers that its purpose is to promote the efficiency and importance, the quality and appropriateness, and above all the reality and realism of new traditional architecture and urbanism as essential and influential contributions to the unfolding of a truer, a more humane and universal modernity .

There are numerous web-zines dealing with architecture. However the impressive production of very popular new traditional architecture and new urbanism is hardly touched upon in the professional press!

Katarxis is exclusively dedicated to publishing the type of architecture and city-building which most of people all around the world bear in their hearts, love and desire: Traditional architecture, both in its Classical and Vernacular expressions!

Tradition is the result of selected popular wisdom and of the intelligence and experiences of whole generations of craftsmen, artists and citizen. It is the most advanced form of collective intelligence yet devised by humanity.

The common sense, reason and sentiment of a contemporary generation of traditional architects and urbanists - representing a vital and judicious reappropriation -- must be acknowledged as the most fruitful contributions to the renaissance of a contemporary Art of Building. This is a most vital regeneration of modern city-building and environmental planning!

The creation of this web-zine grows out of both frustrating and stimulating experiences with other architectural publications. The written architectural press is generally closed to anything about classical and traditional culture, in spite of the fact that this is an issue of relevance to a majority of people!

Most publications are solely interested in the propaganda of modernism and deconstructivism, which represent less then 10% of the world's achievements in contemporary architecture and urbanism.

On the other hand the web offers new spaces for the expression of a refreshing variety of creativity and imagination. The web bypasses the censorship of senile academies and reactionary institutions, and proposes a democracy of cultural plurality, where new classical, and traditional architecture and city-building can legitimately blossom!

The development of the Katarxis online version will soon be followed up by print versions, both in book and magazine format . With a growing number of interested visitors worldwide, and because of the large spectrum of works and writings regarding New Traditional Architecture and Urbanism, - not published by the established professional press -, the expansion of the publication endeavours of Katarxis has presented itself as a most evident option!

Katarxis acknowledges positively the Internet and new technologies of communication and interaction, and participates consistently to a wider virtual "polis" afforded by the networking potentials of the web...From out of their isolation and exile, Katarxis brings together a wide diversity of works and operational theoretical concepts supporting the practice of a modern traditional architecture and city-building.

Enjoy the reading and please recommend Katarxis to your friends!